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Saturday, 4 June 2011

My Girlfriend

Thou hast su me extend a helping hand
In this moment or I was not going well
From our laughter, our faiths
Is born from a affection
In our sadness, our complicity
Is born our friendship
But it is not that this rest
A simple password to six letters

If a day thou art in distress
Do not hesitate to get a S. O. S.
Even if I don't find the words
Those who make the world more beautiful
Even if i am clumsy
Thou mayest always count on me

Do not let the disease
Take the not on thy life
And if today thy tears are salted
Tomorrow they te earn sweet
In a mad Farandole
All thy friends gathered
We will celebrate your new life

My friend thou gavest me rescued
While i thought i was lost
My friend thou gavest me aid
And ca i do the never forget
As far as thou be
I'd make sure Always on thee.

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